the vision of motool

Since its foundation in 1990, Motool Carbide has focused all its energy on producing high-quality products with our specialized techniques to create Power Feed Contacts which are essential consumable parts of Wire-Cut EDM.

Motool Carbide continues to concentrate all its effort on technical development, productivity and quality improvement with a clear goal to be the number one producer in the field of Power Feed Contacts.

Now Motool Carbide is supplying the global market with all the models of Power Feed Contacts, while building trust from customers worldwide.

Motool Carbide promises to always live up to its customers’ needs and expectations by keeping quality standards, precise delivery dates, and providing the best customer service.

Wire-Cut EDM industry is rapidly changing, by going through drastic quantitative and qualitative modifications with the development of related machine industries. Hence, Motool Carbide's mission is to establish itself as a loyal partner and leading manufacturer who can respond to the diverse customer demands and support customers whenever needed.

Thank you!

Motool Carbide Co.